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Flambard Press operated for over twenty years. During that time, Flambard gained a reputation for developing writing talent and publishing a range of acclaimed poetry, novels and short fiction. Below is a selection of our books.

The Glass Swarm

The Glass Swarm

Peter Bennet’s collection unites skilful random rhyme and lightly handled traditional forms with characteristic imaginative power and dark humour. The poems combine an unusually broad range of reference with surprising intimacy, not least in the intricate sequence ‘Folly Wood’, which takes as a starting point the Twelve Gates of the English alchemist George Ripley.

The Glass Swarm should ensure that a new audience will encounter this gifted and original poet, who is currently producing his best work.’ — The Sunday Times

Four Taxis Facing North

Four Taxis Facing North

In Four Taxis Facing North Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw captures the contrasting landscapes of the Caribbean island of Trinidad. She takes us inside the lives of rich and poor Trinidadian families, exploring a world of marital anguish, abandonment and secrets. Women in particular inhabit lonely places from which they are desperately trying to escape.

‘Few things in life deserve unstinting recognition and unrestrained recommendation but Four Taxis Facing North is one.’ — Trinidad Express

The Day of The Sardine

The Day of The Sardine

Sid Chaplin’s powerful novel of disaffection in 1960s Newcastle, The Day of the Sardine charts a young man’s uneasy passage into adulthood. Harsh and at times comic, Arthur Haggerston’s story takes place against the background of a young workforce absorbed into tedious, repressive employment where the only outlets come through street violence and gang warfare. Arthur’s battle through this reality provides a striking contrast to his internal struggle, outlined in his involvement with two very different women: one experienced and older, the other an idealistic Christian of his own age.

‘Chaplin’s prose is wonderfully alive, and his novel is itself an overlooked but untarnished gem.’ — The Independent

The Anatomy of Structures

The Anatomy of Structures

The poems in The Anatomy of Structures explore lives behind closed doors. In opening these doors, Rebecca Goss is not afraid to unsettle her reader, revealing danger and desire in a variety of voices. These compact narratives portray a heady mix of sex, fear, longing and revenge, her poems trembling with tenderness and sorrow while depicting people at their most vulnerable and exposed. Her style is succinct, each poem pared to the bone. Goss’s pen is unnervingly calm and indisputably in control.

‘What is remarkable about her poems is that they make the most intimate experiences of love and death both shocking and simple … It is a fine first book.’ — Stand

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