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The cover of Secret Villages

In this coherent collection of poems, Rennie Parker engages again and again with landscape, rural scenes and the natural world. Yet while she acknowledges a debt to some early twentieth-century English poets about whom she has written, her approach to similar subjects and themes is substantially different and distinctly modern. Concerned with change and multiplicity, her dark pastorals probe edgily beneath the surface, both literally and metaphorically, whether she is writing about love or the mystery of human interaction with the external world.


Resinous planks in the sharp triangular light
Sawdust and powder. Rusted imperfect nails.
Three floors down the gravestones wait,
Build on themselves as though the soul
Could not bear so much love alone.
Dried or in season the greenwood turns.

To buy this book:

Secret Villages costs £6.00 and has ISBN 1-873226-43-8 It was published in 2000.

Rennie Parker

After studying at Oxford Polytechnic and the University of York, Rennie Parker worked in the East Midlands before beginning a PhD on the poet/composer Ivor Gurney at Birmingham University. Since completing this, she has published a study of the Georgian poets. Her own poetry has been appearing in small magazines for some time, and Shoestring Press is publishing a pamphlet of her work, Newborough County. Secret Villages is her first book of poetry. She now lives in Stamford, Lincolnshire.


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