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The cover of 'Holding'

Patricia Pogson was born in Rosyth, Fife in 1944 and educated at Art Colleges in Preston and Oxford. With her first husband she travelled in India, Canada and Australia. She has two children. In 1977 she married the poet Geoffrey Holloway and settled in Cumbria. The poems in this collection are a celebration of the twenty years they shared.

almost hear you laugh at this jumble of paper blooms
landing haphazard on the dizzy page
rough-margined, short of capitals
bashed out with blunt index fingers
Loud enough to wake the dead.

Her previous books have been praised as 'elegant and finely tuned' (Ian McMillan, Poetry Review, 'a disturbing transformation of the mundane and domestic... poetry for grown-ups' (Eva Saltzman, TLS),'these controlled, apparently formal poems challenge poetic decorum with their combination of shocking subject matter and a wry generous humour' (David Morley, The Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English).

To buy this book:

Holding costs £4.00 and was published in 2003.
ISBN: 978-1-873226-58-2

Patricia Podson and Geoffrey Holloway

Patricia Podson and Geoffrey Holloway in April 1977 at a Brewery Poets event in Kendal

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