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The cover of Minotaur in Love

Bruno is struggling to escape the loveless labyrinth in which his childhood has imprisoned him. Short and stout, his only loves are his ever-expanding library and collection of jazz records. When a statuesque and enigmatic woman strides into Bruno's life he finds himself floundering to reconcile his passion with the way her height makes him feel all the more laughable.

In a series of notebooks Bruno takes us from his Liverpool childhood to the bars and brothels of 1970s Soho, Norfolk’s salt marshes and finally Bohemian Biarritz. Funny and tragic, Minotaur in Love is the story of the mazes people build to hide their secret selves from the world.

Includes illustrations by artist Harriet Dell


Minotaur in Love is the description of a journey into one manís psyche. [. . .]Fraser Harrison is an elegant writer who is a pleasure to read and this novel is engrossing and quirky both in its sad humour and the questions that Bruno poses but fails to answer.

The Spectator

Praise for Fraser Harrison's first novel, High on the Hog:

‘Undoubtedly the best first novel of the year ... very funny.’ Spectator

‘A black comedy of a high order ... a strange and moving book.’ Daily Mail

‘The best first novel I’ve read for ages.’ The Guardian

‘A subtle and often moving black comedy.’ The Times

‘Fraser Harrison is scathingly acute on the sexual, emotional and socio-political foibles of modern man (and woman) ... Impressive.’ Mail on Sunday

To buy this book:

Minotaur in Love costs £8.99 and was published in April 2007.
ISBN: 978-1873226-89-6

Fraser Harrison

Fraser Harrison is the author of several books, including the novel High on the Hog and the memoir A Father’s Diary, and two radio plays. He has written for a number of newspapers and magazines, including the Sunday Times, and contributed to BBC radio. He has also worked as a legal representative on behalf of asylum seekers. He lives in Norfolk and when not writing works in his family’s teashop in Burnham Market.

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