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The following is a list the poetry titles that Flambard published in its time. There are separate lists of our fiction and non-fiction books. You can get more information about most of the books by following the link from its title to that book's page on this website.

Many of these books are still available from Inpress and other retailers. The Inpress links were checked on 13 October 2013.

Payment options

Online from INPRESS: click the Inpress logo to go to the Inpress website and pay with your card or via PayPal (see options on the right).

Flambard New Poets 1 £7.95
Flambard New Poets 2 £7.95
BrianAldiss Mortal Morning £12.99 Buy Mortal Morning from Inpress
GaryAllen Languages £7.00
JosephAllen Landscaping £7.00
MaureenAlmond Recollections £10.00 Buy Recollections from Inpress
BirtleyAris (artist) Night Train (Hardback)
(with poet Sean O’Brien)
BirtleyAris (artist) Night Train (Paperback)
(with poet Sean O’Brien)
£9.99 Buy Night Train (Paperback) from Inpress
WandaBarford Sweet Wine and Bitter Herbs £6.95
WandaBarford Losing, Finding £7.50 Buy Losing, Finding from Inpress
WandaBarford What is the Purpose of Your Visit? £7.50 Buy What is the Purpose of Your Visit? from Inpress
WandaBarford Wanted on Voyage £7.50 Buy Wanted on Voyage from Inpress
LucienBecker Love at the Full (Plein Amour) £7.95 Buy Love at the Full from Inpress
PeterBennet The Long Pack £4.00 Buy The Long Pack from Inpress
PeterBennet Goblin Lawn £8.50 Buy Goblin Lawn from Inpress
PeterBennet The Glass Swarm £7.50 Buy The Glass Swarm from Inpress
PeterBennet The Game of Bear £8.00 Buy The Game of Bear from Inpress
MichaelBlackburn The Ascending Boy £6.95
MalcolmBradley Reinventing the Globe £7.00
OliviaByard Strange Horses £8.00 Buy Strange Horses from Inpress
AndreaCapes Home Fires £5.95
Gladys MaryColes The Echoing Green £7.50
Gladys MaryColes Song of the Butcher Bird £7.00 Buy Song of the Butcher Bird from Inpress
AndyCroft Just as Blue £7.00 Buy Just as Blue from Inpress
AndyCroft Comrade Laughter £7.50 Buy Comrade Laughter from Inpress
AndyCroft Sticky £8.00 Buy Sticky from Inpress
JosephineDickinson The Voice £7.50
JosephineDickinson Night Journey £7.50 Buy Night Journey from Inpress
AndrewForster Fear Of Thunder £7.00 Buy Fear Of Thunder from Inpress
AndrewForster Territory £7.50 Buy Territory from Inpress
JohnFowles Selected poems £12.00 Buy Selected poems from Inpress
CynthiaFuller Only a Small Boat £7.00 Buy Only a Small Boat from Inpress
CynthiaFuller Jack's Letters Home £7.00 Buy Jack's Letters Home from Inpress
CynthiaFuller Background Music £7.00 Buy Background Music from Inpress
JudyGahagan Crossing the No-Man's Land £6.95
RebeccaGoss The Anatomy of Structures £7.50 Buy The Anatomy of Structures from Inpress
DesmondGraham After Shakespeare £7.50
DesmondGraham Milena Poems £7.50 Buy Milena Poems from Inpress
DesmondGraham Heart work £8.00 Buy Heart work from Inpress
DesmondGraham The Green Parakeet £7.50
DesmondGraham The Scale of Change £9.00 Buy The Scale of Change from Inpress
GeoffreyHolloway And Why Not? £7.99
Joolz Errors of the Spirit £7.50
AnnaKamieńska Two Darknesses £5.95
DavidKerr Tangled Tongues £7.00 Buy Tangled Tongues from Inpress
ChaimLewis From Soho to Jerusalem £8.00
S.J.Litherland The Apple Exchange £6.95 Buy The Apple Exchange from Inpress
S.J.Litherland The Work of the Wind £8.50 Buy The Work of the Wind from Inpress
S.J.Litherland The Absolute Bonus of Rain £8.50 Buy The Absolute Bonus of Rain from Inpress
ShereeMack Family Album £8.00 Buy Family Album from Inpress
AnnaMcKerrow The Fast Heat of Beauty £7.00 Buy The Fast Heat of Beauty from Inpress
NancyMattson Writing With Mercury £7.50 Buy Writing With Mercury from Inpress
CarolineNatzler Design Fault £7.00
SeanO’Brien (poet) Night Train (Hardback)
(with artist Birtley Aris)
SeanO’Brien (poet) Night Train (Paperback)
(with artist Birtley Aris)
£9.99 Buy Night Train (Paperback) from Inpress
RennieParker Secret Villages £6.00
EllenPhethean Breath £7.00 Buy Breath from Inpress
Love at the Full (Plein Amour) £7.95 Buy Love at the Full from Inpress
ChristopherPilling Springing From Catullus £8.50 Buy Springing From Catullus from Inpress
PatriciaPogson The Tides in the Basin £6.95
PatriciaPogson Holding £4.00 Buy Holding from Inpress
WilliamRadice Green, Red, Gold £7.00 Buy Green, Red, Gold from Inpress
MarkRobinson Half a Mind £6.95
MaryRobinson The Art of Gardening £7.50 Buy The Art of Gardening from Inpress
WilliamScammell Black and White £7.50 Buy Black and White from Inpress
CarolineSmith Thistles of the Hesperides £7.00 Buy Thistles of the Hesperides from Inpress
MichaelStanden Time's Fly-Past £6.00
GerryStewart Post-Holiday Blues £8.00 Buy Post-Holiday Blues from Inpress
PaulStubbs The Theological Museum £7.50 Buy The Theological Museum from Inpress
KelleySwain Darwin’s Microscope £7.50
JennySwann Soft Landings £7.00 Buy Soft Landings from Inpress
ArnoldWesker All Things Tire of Themselves £8.00 Buy All Things Tire of Themselves from Inpress
AmandaWhite Stepping on the Cracks £6.95 Buy Stepping on the Cracks from Inpress
AmandaWhite Appearing Soon £7.00 Buy Appearing Soon from Inpress
FionaWilson in Flambard New Poets 2 £7.95

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