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Books, alphabetically by title

(For books listed alphabetically by author, see the Poetry, Fiction and Non-Fiction lists.)

The Absolute Bonus of Rain (S.J. Litherland)
After Shakespeare (Desmond Graham)
All Things Tire of Themselves (Arnold Wesker)
The Anatomy of Structures (Rebecca Goss)
Appearing Soon (Amanda White)
The Apple Exchange (S.J. Litherland)
The Art of Gardening (Mary Robinson)
At the Waters' Clearing (Nigel McLoughlin)
Background Music (Cynthia Fuller)
Between the Worlds (Andrée Chedid)
Black and White (William Scammell)
Blood Waters (Chaz Brenchley)
Breath (Ellen Phethean)
Clay (Gladys Mary Coles)
Comrade Laughter (Andy Croft)
Crossing The Lines (Jackie Kay & Kachi A. Ozumba, co-editors)
Dancing for the Hangman (Martin Edwards)
Darwin’s Microscope (Kelley Swain)
The Day of the Sardine (Sid Chaplin)
Design Fault (Caroline Natzler)
Dusk Music (Rob Chapman)
The Echoing Green (Gladys Mary Coles)
Errors of the Spirit (Joolz)
Family Album (Sheree Mack)
The Fast Heat of Beauty (Anna McKerrow)
Fear Of Thunder Andrew Forster
Five Amber Beads (Richard Aronowitz)
Four Taxis Facing North (Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw)
From Soho to Jerusalem (Chaim Lewis)
The Game of Bear (Peter Bennet)
A Gentleman's Relish (John Murray)
The Glass Swarm (Peter Bennet)
Goblin Lawn (Peter Bennet)
The Green Parakeet (Desmond Graham)
Green, Red, Gold (William Radice)
Heart work (Desmond Graham)
Holding (Patricia Pogson)
In Kensington Gardens once... (H.R.F. Keating)
It’s Just the Beating of My Heart (Richard Aronowitz)
Jack, the Lady Killer (H.R.F. Keating)
Jack’s Letters Home (Cynthia Fuller)
Jazz etc. (John Murray)
John Dory (John Murray)
Josefina de Vasconcellos (Margaret Lewis)
Just As Blue (Andy Croft)
Landscaping (Joseph Allen)
Languages (Gary Allen)
The Legend of Liz & Joe (John Murray)
The Long Pack (Peter Bennet)
Losing, Finding (Wanda Barford)
Love at the Full (Plein Amour) (Lucien Becker)
Mauritian Voices (Ron Butlin)
Milena Poems (Desmond Graham)
Minotaur in Love (Fraser Harrison)
Months & Other Stories (Michael Standen)
Mortal Morning (Brian Aldiss)
Murphy's Favourite Channels (John Murray)
Night Journey (Josephine Dickinson)
Night Train (Sean O’Brien and Birtley Aris)
No Redemption (Keith Pattison and David Peace)
Northern Blood 2 (Martin Edwards (ed))
Only a Small Boat (Cynthia Fuller)
Playtime (Peter Mortimer)
Post-Holiday Blues (Gerry Stewart)
Radio Activity (John Murray)
Recollections (Maureen Almond)
Reinventing the Globe (Malcolm Bradley)
The Scale of Change (Desmond Graham)
Scars Beneath the Skin (A J Duggan)
Secret Villages (Rennie Parker)
Selected Poems (John Fowles)
The Sheep Who Changed the World (Neil Astley)
Smoked Meat (Rowena Macdonald)
So, What Kept You?(Claire Malcolm and Margaret Wilkinson, eds)
Soft Landings (Jenny Swann)
Song of the Butcher Bird (Gladys Mary Coles)
Springing From Catullus (Christopher Pilling)
Stepping on the Cracks (Amanda White)
Sticky (Andy Croft)
Stranded (V.L. McDermid)
Strange Horses (Olivia Byard)
The Sweet Track (Avril Joy)
Tangled Tongues (David Kerr)
Territory (Andrew Forster)
The Theological Museum (Paul Stubbs)
Thistles of the Hesperides (Caroline Smith)
Two Darknesses (Anna Kamienska)
Vermin (Adrienne Silcock)
The Voice (Josephine Dickinson)
Wanted on Voyage (Wanda Barford)
The Wardrobe (Daphne Glazer)
The Watchers and the Watched (Sid Chaplin)
What is the Purpose of Your Visit? (Wanda Barford)
Winged with Death (John Baker)
The Work of the Wind (S.J. Litherland)
Writing With Mercury (Nancy Mattson)

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