Things to consider when downsizing for retirement

What is downsizing?

In this chapter we will discuss a term which is relatively new, but connects to both moving, renovation and decluttering. This term is downsizing. These days, as minimalism is becoming trendy again, downsizing has become a term often used by everyone. So, let’s see what’s downsizing and how it’s best to achieve.

Downsizing is an umbrella term which is used for any sort of decluttering which we normally do before we move in somewhere else, no matter it’s a bigger or smaller home. Downsizing is a good strategy because this way you get the chance to get rid of all those used, heavily used or even forgotten items which occupy plenty of space in our homes. Everyone has this skeleton in their closet, perhaps even the minimalists. You can downsize even if you don’t intend to move anywhere just yet.

What is the process of downsizing?

Downsizing always starts with a very thorough decluttering process, during which everything which is not used, will be dropped out or given away. This means all the things which are just lying around but they are not being used any longer. The collected magazines, the toys, any sort of memorabilia which doesn’t represent much of a value, all things someone used to collect for no apparent reason and even unwanted furniture, accessories and most importantly garments. For some reason most people tend to store way more clothes then they actually wear. Now, it’s time to get rid of all those clothes for the better.

Scheduling and setting goals

For instance you suddenly realize there is no place in your room anymore and you don’t know how it did happen. The reason is simple. Years or even decades of hoarding things.

The switch to smaller, more practival furniture

Some homes look extremely crowded because of the largely oversized furniture they are housing. Have it all changed, in case they are antiques, you can call an antique dealer who might be interested in buying them, or at least he/she can tell you how much these are really worth. It may seem surreal at first, but if you end up earning double as much space as you used to have, it’s worth going for.

Downsizing before moving to a smaller home or retirement community

The good thing about retirement homes is, that one has a limited choice of furniture and things to bring with him/herself, while there are homes with already furnished suites which look like a quality hotel room. Downsizing for this reason is of key importance. Even if you don’t plan to take many furniture with you, you can store the rest of importance at a storage place. Make sure you only store the items really worth keeping. If you think „ all I need is to sell my property fast” and then I can think of what to keep and what to get rid of, it’s not the best approach. It’s better to make this move right on time. So that when moving comes fast or you get to find a fast sale home at a quality retirement community, then you are all ready to make the move fast.