10 useful moving tips you may have not heard before

There are many tips and tricks when it comes to moving which is always longer and harder than you would have ever thought. Let’s see these ten useful tips you may have not heard before, when it comes to moving smart.

1.) Pack dishes vertically instead of packing them horizonally

Dishes are way less likely to break when carried vertically, only make sure they are well separated from one another in the box they are in.

2.) Keep the original boxes of your electronics

This is a rule which is great to keep for any future purchase. Television sets are especially hard to carry when moving. If you don’t have the original boxing then use blankets, towels to wrap around your TV to avoid any breakage.

3.) Ask your friends to help you with moving

This can seriously help you save tons of money even if they can only help you carry the smaller things or boxes. You can get to save plenty of money this way.

4.) Transfer your pets as the last step of moving

Pets are very hard to move, therefore have them be the last ones to leave the apartment and try to have everything as ready as possible for the time you transport them to their new home.

5.) Buy special packaging for all your fragile things

Try to avoid collateral damage as much as possible and buy bubbly wraps, alternatively buy or get boyes with wine holder brackets, they are perfect for carrying all fragile things.

6.) Hire a storage place or get a storage expert

If you need to move out quickly due to a home repossession or a fast sale home and you don’t or can’t take everything but the most necessary things with you hire a storage expert company who help you with the moving, have your things stored and can even deliver things to you when you need them.

7.) Make sure you get everything disconnected and connected in the right time

As soon as you learn about your moving get in touch with all your utilities companies and let them know about it alongside your new address so that everything can be stopped at the old place and started at the new place on time.

8.) Save money on getting boxes for free

Go to stores and ask them for boxes, generally they are full of them and will be happy to hand over some or many to you for free. The situation is the same at most workplaces if they have a traffic that includes boxes.

9.) Drop , donate or sell everything you don’t need

Be ruthless and get rid of all the stuff you don’t need. This will make your moving much less of a hassle.

10.) Have a separate travel bag with the most important things you will need

Try to pack a bag the same way as you do when you travel somewhere only limiting it to the things you need on the first place.